Elizabeth Breecher

Elizabeth is a 7th grader at De Pere Middle School. She was born in Ethiopia, Africa, and is the youngest of 13 siblings.  She is quite the extrovert who loves being around people. Elizabeth is a deep thinker, but can also be very goofy. She is incredibly thankful to have this opportunity to spread her message. 

Jackson Jansen

Jack Jansen, an 8th-Grader at DePere Middle School,  has interests in many things including computers, video games, playing the violin, being creative, and many other things. He hopes that his talk will give him more confidence and show others how to be more confident.

Linnea Kennerhed

Linnea Kennerhed is a devoted reader and writing fanatic. She will spend hours reading and loves to write short stories. She hopes that her talk will show people that they aren’t alone.

Ilia LuMaye

Ilia LuMaye is a girl who likes animals. A lot. She lives with her mom and dad and her three pets: Newman, a cat, and Henry and George, her 2 dogs. She has participated in multiple dog competitions,  helping and competing. She has entered a dog named Nugget into fast CAT competitions multiple times, has trained her dogs to do tricks, and has also trained her cat to do a small trick routine. She would like to tell Mrs. McCarthy (Melisa Macarthy) that if she is reading this, she loves Millie and misses her with all of her heart.

Liliana Quintal

Liliana Q is a sarcastic human being who is technically an animal by scientific standards. She enjoys horseback riding, reading, and of course being sarcastic. She attends DPMS as a 7th grader.

Dia Sampath

Dia is an artist at heart and loves exploring crafts like photography, music, Forensics, and baking. She is also a second-degree black belt who likes to remain active in all sorts of sports including swimming and running. She is very close to her family which consists of her parents and an older sister in college who are excited to hear her TEDx speech!

Morgan Schmidt

Morgan Schmidt is a busy student who loves her family. She enjoys busy days at tournaments, reading, and playing games with her sister. She loves to take on challenges and get things done! 

Xavier Thornton

Xavier Thornton is a 7th grader at Depere Middle School. In his free time he spends time playing musical instruments such as guitar, violin, and piano. He also loves to eat out with family, and enjoys baking/cooking. He is very grateful for the opportunity that his teachers and peers have given him.

Annabel Willmott

Annabel Willmott is a hard working individual who always strives to do her best. Her experience with finding the truth in people has given her a great opportunity to share with others how to find a wonderful self image- one that presents the true you. She hopes that by listening to her talk, you might just find out a little more about yourself.