Meet The Speakers for the 2020 TEDxDePereMiddleSchool Event!

Shala Rahman

Shala Rahman is currently in eighth grade and has a strong passion for helping the environment. She makes a conscious effort to live sustainably and be mindful of her carbon footprint. In her leisure time, Shala enjoys traveling, reading, performing musical theatre, and playing volleyball. Along with that, some things that inspire her include her family, friends, and education. Shala is hopeful that her presentation will influence many others to consider the rising idea of tiny homes

Ian Mackey

Ian Mackey is a current 8th grader at De Pere Middle School. He enjoys practicing lockpicking and teaching others important facts. He is on the DPMS Tridents, De Pere Middle School’s Sea Perch team, which deals with underwater robotics.

Sulamita Pulukchu

Sulamita Pulukchu grew up loving adventures, hanging out with family, and having a nickname, “Sully” since elementary. Sulamita grew up with a big family, having experiences that not many get.

John Lowery

John Lowery is a 7th grader at De Pere Middle School. In his free time, he likes to play baseball. He also loves to read. John is hoping that with his talk he can make people enjoy reading just as much as he does.

Clementina Krans

Nina Krans is a 7th grader at DPMS. Nina enjoys reading, spending time with her family and riding her horse, Quinn. Nina is very excited for her TEDx talk about suicide prevention, and to inform about what it is like being on Hope Squad!

Aubrey Kopling

Aubrey is a seventh grader at De Pere Middle School. Her family consists of her mom, dad, and sister, Colleen. Aubrey also has a cat, Clara. A really interesting fact about Aubrey’s family is she has 24 cousins. Aubrey loves to read and enjoys math as well. She does competitive gymnastics and has just recently found out that she loves cross country. Some of Aubrey’s hobbies are LEGOs, playing on the Wii with her sister, and counted cross-stitch.

Gabriella Hauser

Gabby Hauser is a 7th grader at De Pere Middle School. Gabby loves the game of golf. She has been taking lessons since 1st grade and hopes to play on the high school team. Gabby is proud to be a youth ambassador for JDRF of Northeast Wisconsin. She was honored at the JDRF one walk in Green Bay this past year and was one of 160 kids nationally to be selected to represent JDRF at the Children’s Congress in Washington, DC. Gabby also loves to sing, compete in forensics and run Cross Country. But above all she lists spending time with her family and friends as her most valued past time.

Jackson Bressers

Jackson Bressers is an intelligent and helpful person, and in his free time Jackson likes to play his guitar, play videogames with his friends, and work on other projects that he wants to do. Jackson is also on a swim team where he practices four out of the five weekdays. His goal is to always better himself in everything. From playing guitar to computer programming, he always tries to beat his previous records. He enjoys school and his favorite subject is math, however he also enjoys giving presentations to the class.

Chad Francour

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