Speakers For TEDxDePereMiddleSchool 2022

Eden Bauer

Eden Bauer is a seventh grader at De Pere Middle School and a passionate writer. She has attended several writing workshops and plays the saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet, and viola. She also enjoys performing in plays and reading. She hopes that her TEDx talk will offer a new perspective for people.

Londyn Behm

Londyn loves to read in her free time. She takes the chances she can to be in front of an audience. She loves her friends and her family dearly.

Melinda Cook

Melinda Cook is an 8th-grade student at De Pere Middle School. Her favorite subject is English. Besides TEDx, she is a member of the DnD club, the school choir, the yearbook club, and was the lighting designer for the school's production of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis). In her free time, she enjoys reading good books, singing, taking photographs, spending time with family, and being outdoors.

Eric Gichobi

Eric is an 8th grader. He goes to De Pere Middle School, and is energetic.

Will Jacobs

Will is an 8th grader at De Pere Middle School. He has many interests such as Lacrosse and guitar. And he is also very grateful for the opportunity to present this talk.

Caiya Klish

Caiya Klish is an 8th grader at DePere Middle School. In her free time, she plays many sports, including soccer, and volleyball. In addition, she loves to spend her free time with her friends and at the theater. She is so grateful to be giving a talk at TEDxDePereMiddleSchool!

Gabriella Kozicki

Gabriella Kozicki is an 8th grade student at De Pere Middle School. She lives with both of her parents, Christine and Jason Kozicki, and her older brother, Michael Kozicki. She loves being active and spending time outdoors. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include mountain biking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing and a multitude of other sports. She also has a passion for the arts. She loves ballet and has recently begun dancing on pointe. She also plays piano and violin. She plans to share her love of music in her TEDx talk by sharing the positive effect that playing an instrument has on your brain.

Olivia Kuhn

Olivia is an eighth grader at Depere Middle School. She makes and sells artwork and loves animals; however, she prefers cats. She also loves to do word puzzles and trivia in her free time. She hopes that her TEDx talk will be beneficial to her audience.

El Linden

Ellias owns 4 cats; Sophie, Dagan, Shiznit, and Kida. Sophie is a lapcat, Dagan is beside the lap cat, Shiznit is in the back of the knees cat, and Kida is a football cat(no seriously she is shaped exactly like a football). Ellias enjoys Dungeons and Dragons. Ellias plays the violin, as well as the piano. Ellias is rather entertained about writing in the third person.

Ainsley McKee

Ainsley McKee lived in Mountain, WI until she was 7 and moved to DePere in 2015. She is currently in 8th grade at DePere Middle School and is loving it. Ainsley enjoys playing soccer, longboarding, traveling and spending her summers with friends and family. She is honored for the opportunity to speak for TEDxDePereMiddleSchool and is thankful for all that her parents and teachers have done for her.

Jane Tomashek

Jane Tomashek is a seventh grade student at De Pere Middle School. They enjoy reading, painting, writing, and playing video games. When not taking part in a club, they create a webcomic called "The Enduring", and post videos on their YouTube channel. Jane dreams of becoming a video game designer, or a concept artist. They love to tell stories, filling countless pages with their stories and poetry.

Abigail Wynkoop

Abigail is an aspiring author with her brother and loves to make people smile. She has two older brothers that often lead her to be the moderator. This has given a different perspective and now she enjoys writing things that can help not only herself and others too. Whenever she has free time she loves to watch shows, do crafts and draw with her brothers. She hopes that her TEDx Talk can give light to the mysteries that haven’t been observed by more common people and prove the aid that they can bring.